Community Development Assistance & Strategic Plan

If you're ready to take your Kansas business to the next level, or you're part of a community looking at a redevelopment or revitalization project, our Business and Community Development Assistance programs can help. Business and Community Development Assistance staff can assist clients in identifying programs and incentives for business expansion, meeting licensing requirements and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a local community.

On the community development side, staff can help rural communities seek assistance in developing community driven strategic plans to attract businesses, workers and investment.


Staff can help you by:
  • developing incentive proposals based on the business’ needs and projected growth.
  • creating strategic and proactive community development plans for communities to address a wide variety of needs.
  • ensuring that all of the Department of Commerce's available resources are considered for a project.
  • serving as a liaison with other state agencies, including the departments of Revenue, Labor, and Health and Environment
Regional Project Managers based throughout the state are available to ensure your business or community is prepared to achieve its goals. Managers will assist in identifying incentives and assistance available to help grow your business; can provide training, strategic planning facilitation and identification of community development assistance programs; and will serve as liaisons to other state and federal agencies. 
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