Employer Services


Keeping good employees is a growing challenge. KANSASWORKS provides workforce services to attract and retain employees for businesses. A wide array of services and resources are available to decrease the stress of hiring through creative solutions and best practices. KANSASWORKS is your Human Resource partner.

Staff located throughout the state can recruit, screen and refer the best applicants for your position. These services reduce staff time and costs associated with hiring and result in employees who fit your company’s needs. The KANSASWORKS Workforce Centers can also provide a location to host job fairs and highlight the opportunities available in your company.

Retention plans may also be developed to ensure existing employees remain productive in your work environment. In addition, employers have the ability to create an account at KANSASWORKS.com and enter your job openings to easily find qualified and skilled candidates.

The employer account also allows you to search resumes of the thousands of job seekers on KANSASWORKS. Whether you need to train new hires or enhance skills of existing employees, KANSASWORKS can help. A variety of programs may be developed to deliver quality training and provide funding assistance to ensure that your company remains competitive.

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The Kansas Department of Commerce offers these employer services:

Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR)Kansas Industrial Training (KIT)
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